A balsamic vinegar e-retailer implements a concrete solidarity with earthquake victims

The recent earthquake that struck  north-eastern Italy, particularly Emilia, made only a few dozen victims. However, because of the lack of seismic resistance of buildings in this region, and also the very long duration of the earthquake, about three weeks, the material damage is enormous. There is talk of at … [Continue Reading]

balsamic vinegar factory damaged

A system of energy production with waste oils with more than one million households participating

Olly ® is the most modern system for collection and recycling of used cooking oil from internal users or production. The system takes its name from the yellow reusable container " Olly ". The system provides a clean and efficient collection of waste oils and fats (olive oil and other cooking fats , etc. . ) … [Continue Reading]

machine for wasteoils Olly

Advantages of purchasing your olive oil on line

Food typically does not sell well on the Web. The cost of preparing the shopping cart, shipping it, conservation and freshness issues, convenience to do all your shopping in one superstore mean that people do not have the reflex to go buy food online. However, there are products that, if we look for the best … [Continue Reading]

olive oil

Anti Italian oil leak

Should we trust Italian olive oil? The Business Insider's olive oil articles: virgin or not? I personally enjoy reading the Business Insider. I like the way they inform you, because it seems rather independent from mainstream meadia, lobbies and establishment. Therefore, I was all the more surprised … [Continue Reading]


Best selling olive oil brands fail quality test

The IOC, International Olive Oil Council has developed several methods to measure the quality of olive oil. The University of California at Davis (UC Davis), in April 2011 (download it here), tested 90 samples of extra virgin olive oil of the five brands most widelysold in the United States. This five leading … [Continue Reading]

olive oil test

Bitterness and spicyness

A few days ago I was with friends and I was bragging about some of the olive oils that I select and sell online. At some point, perhaps out of exhaustion, one of them tells me: "ok, I just want to try one of the oils you've chosen, provided that it is not bitter and spicy. "Bang ..., I'm busted, I … [Continue Reading]

bitterness (amaro) and spicyness (piccante) of olive oil

Buy balsamic vinegar and help Italian earthquake victims

The earthquake in Italy has devastated the producers of balsamic vinegar The earthquake in Italy that began the last week of May in the northeast, especially in the region of Emilia, was not particularly powerful, never exceeding the sixth degree of the scale Richter. However, it was particularly devastating … [Continue Reading]

destroyed vinegar factory

Buying land in Italy to produce olive oil, a real bargain

A very profitable investment: buy land in Italy to produce olive oil. The land in Italy is not expensive: for example, the Pratariccia village in Tuscany, is selling on eBay for $ 2.5 million. It is not far from the highway, in a very charming region dotted with castles and touristic resorts, 25 miles from … [Continue Reading]

Pratariccia, tuscan village in Italy

Can we freeze olive oil?

One of the questions I am often asked is whether you can freeze olive oil, and if by this process we can preserve the quality longer. Let's start by saying that clearly you can freeze olive oil and it is easily done by placing a bottle of oil in the freezer. After a few hours it will be a piece of green … [Continue Reading]

frozen olive oil

Cheap extra virgin olive oil is a harmful scam

Here is an article that follows an interesting report of the most important italian TV channel,  Presa Diretta byRAI 1, wherein they talked about disastrous "made in Italy", as extra virgin olive oil made with poor quality seeds instead of olives!... products that are even dangerous to your health... Here's … [Continue Reading]

Paolo Amerio

Chips (not potato but electronic) can increase the yeld of oil from olives

Olives, oil and electronics, how is it  possible to combine these three elements? Well, so far it was difficult to answer this question, but in the future things could change. The news came out a few days ago,  by engineer Arturo Portugal, Researcher at the CRIC (Centre de Recerca y Investigaciò de … [Continue Reading]


Does the color of olive oil matter?

Often we talk about the color of the oil and the questions that arise are mainly: How important is the color of the oil? What does it tell us about the quality of the oil? To answer it is necessary to analyze a bit in detail what "oil color" means and how is generated. The color is expressed in its … [Continue Reading]

olive oil color

Extra virgin oil production, from the olive tree to the bottle

Just look at this video and tell us if you like the way high quality olive oil is produced. From the olive tree to the bottle, it's a harmonious  mix of nature, tradition and technology. … [Continue Reading]

olive oil bottles

Extra virgin olive oil effective against arthritis

Epidemiological studies in populations that make heavy use of fish have shown that they have a low incidence of rheumatoid arthritis. Other clinical studies have found that dietary supplements of omega -3 in patients with rheumatoid arthritis to support drug therapy led to an improvement in joint symptoms, in … [Continue Reading]


Extra virgin olive oil has a protective effect against cancers

Tumors are the leading cause of death among adults and the second in the elderly population. In the pathogenesis of neoplasia (= cancer), with genetic factors are important environmental factors and food. Approximately 34% of cancers are caused by dietary factors. Indeed, surveys conducted from the early 60s … [Continue Reading]

olive oil and health

Extra virgin olive oil highly esteemed by main religions

It's interesting to notice that all the main religions who spread in the area of the Mediterranen sea , where olive oil began to be produced, keep extra virgin olive oil in very high consideration. The Athenians in Greece not only used olive oil for food, they considered it essential, because it was a gift … [Continue Reading]

olive pressing

Extra virgin olive oil prevents osteoporosis

Osteoporosis, what is that ? Osteoporosis is an accelerated reduction and progressive senile excessive bone mass mainly due to a shortage or calcium malabsorption. A patient suffering from this disease has a greater exposure to trauma even with a small fracture. According to data from the World Health … [Continue Reading]

extra virgin olive oil

Extra virgin olive oil prevents tumors

Now we have more certainty about the anti cancer effects of extra virgin olive oil At present, there are many scientific studies on the relationship between diet and tumor formation. The Mediterranean diet can reduce the incidence of 25% of colon cancer, 15% of the breast, 10% of the prostate, pancreas and … [Continue Reading]

extra virgin olive oil and health

Extra virgin olive oil treats gastrointestinal diseases

Extra virgin olive oil is the most digestible and even the healthiest fat, known for its antioxidant properties related to the polyphenol content. In the stomach, at the end of 1800, Ewald and Boas had observed that gastric acid secretion was reduced by the addition of extra virgin olive oil to the food, but … [Continue Reading]

gastrointestinal diseases

Extra virgin olive oil’s a great skin-care, as food and skin cosmetic

Current research is focused on the content of squalene in olive oil, because it exerts an antioxidant in the skin against solar radiation and reduces the production of free radicals in skin exposed to light. Phenols are important constituents of olive oil, and their quality depends on several factors, … [Continue Reading]

olive oil skin care

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Extra virgin olive oil prevents tumors

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